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Comprehensive Computer Solutions, LLC

Maximizing the return on your IT investment

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Welcome to Comprehensive Computer Solutions
With over 30 years of performing system and network administration, formally and informally, we can leverage a broad experience base of multi-disciplinary skills and "lessons learned" to the issues and challenges your organization is facing.
Automation, open-source, private/public/hybrid cloud, Windows, Linux, and dozens of other products, technologies, and architectures, are all skills and approaches we can help your organization design, implement, and optimize.
We're a locally-owned consulting firm based in the Denver area with all of our staff living and working in the local area. When you have issues that need immediate and on-site support, or you want to meet face-to-face to plan and implement a solution, we are just a short drive away. Even though "the cloud" and the Internet provide more ways and greater impetus for eliminating direct human interaction, we pride ourselves on providing a high-touch, high-tech approach to the technology you and you organization use and depend on.